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Hip Dislocation Aftercare Advice Please

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Hi all

looking for advice and other people’s experiences in looking after my fog following a hip toggle.  Our beautiful girl dislocated her left hip 5 days ago.  We picked her up from hospital Tuesday and trying to keep her as quiet as possible.  Almost an impossible task .

What is the best way to keep her contained especially if we are not here for any period of time.



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I am sorry to hear that you didn't get any advice regarding your questions from your vet. IMHO, it is highly irresponsible on the part of the vet.

If you are in the United States, I am providing a link to help you find a CCRP (Certfied Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner). This is a vet or physical therapist  who has specific rehabilitation training to help dogs rehab from injuries. If you are not in this country, there are similarly trained vets in other countries.They are the best professionals to help you with this issue. Usually, general vets do not have the appropriate training for rehab advice.


As for keeping quiet, again, can your vet provide a short-term Rx to help with calmness and relaxation? When my dog had his hip replacement, he came home with a 14 day Rx for trazodone. The purpose is to help keep the dog calm during the initial, critical time period of healing. Also, If your dog is comfortable in an X-pen (i.e. will not try to climb out), USE it except for short walks. Otherwise, I would use a very large crate to limit mobility. And finally, buy and use some of the mind-game puzzles (or train tricks that don't require much movement) to try and reduce some of the boredom.

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