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Our hearts are shattered, Our Shadow has left us


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Our hearts are heavy, our beautiful 14 year old Shadow, who was literally our shadow, always within 6 feet of me or my wife, passed away at 8:30 this morning from kidney failure. When ever I was outside I could always look at the house to see her little face in the window, keeping an eye on me. I think I'll miss that most.

GAH...why do we let these little furballs burrow so deep in our heart, the pain is almost unbearable....but I wouldn't trade all the joy she brought us during her life to be rid of the pain. Run with your sisters Pip and Bella, Shadow, they have been waiting for you. You will be missed dearly, and never replaced.



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11 hours ago, albuquerquedan said:

What a beauty Shadow was.  Sounds like a great companion, too.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  It's tough right now, but just keep remembering that you gave her the best life possible and that you made her happy every day of her life.

Thank you for your kind words. Yes she was beautiful and was such a lover of any person she met. Any one who ever met her was impressed with her gentle spirit. And yes, it is tough, and I know the pain will eventually fade and be replaced by fond memories...But when you're in the middle of the storm it sometimes feels like the sun will never shine again. Again, thank you..

Brian and Blanca

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