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We rehomed a gorgeous BC a few weeks ago. She was a working farm dog, never been inside, never had a collar on, never had toys or treats. We're working super hard to acclimatise her to pet life, which is what she wanted all along, she was a rubbish sheepdog! She has for sure embraced indoor life and is doing well with her indoor training and getting used to all the new sounds and smells living in town. 

The difficulty we are struggling with is when out on a walk. If she sees another dog or interesting person she wants to say hello which would be fine, but she will lie down and refuse to move until the dog/person approaches and she can say hello. If she doesn't get to say hello she starts to howl and bark. I've tried luring her, voice commands, but what do you do when they are being that stubborn and ignoring you? 

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Hi, @Hazey Dazey

Wanted to offer a belated welcome to the Boards, and say thanks for welcoming a hapless working dog into a home more suited to her nature.

I'm not really sure what to suggest when she's having trouble accepting that some people and dogs are interested in interacting with her, but for starters I hope you can stop thinking about her as stubborn. She's not being perverse in ignoring you, but more likely is just super disappointed and confused that others aren't as into her as she's into them.

I have a dog a lot like this - she believes everyone should be her new best friend. She just doesn't take it quite so hard as you pup does; she's more likely to just keep trying to get to the person (she couldn't care less about dogs), but when I see that someone's not going respond to her advances I just say something cheerful before she has a chance to start pulling and briskly keep walking. Timing is important here; you'll have to pay attention both to other people's and dogs' reactions and try to keep her distracted and moving before she goes into drop-and-howl/bark mode and maybe have some yummy treats on hand to initially distract and then to reward her for getting past without making a scene. It'll probably take some time and practice until you get it down, but you'll start to pick up the right moment to start heading her off.

Wishing you the best in helping her past this hurdle. We love getting pictures and updates, so I hope you'll let us see her and know how things are coming along with her.



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