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Flora & Molly

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I have a new guest dog who will be with me every Monday: a four month old toy poodle.

She is the cutest little ball of fluff and gets on well with Molly.

I have little experience with tiny dogs, apart from my mother’s Jack Russell. But she was a feisty one as a pup so had no fear and no trouble with big dogs. 

This little one though... is a bit insecure and I don’t blame her. So the plan is to only let her interact with dogs that I know and to err on the side of caution. The way she moves about sometimes makes her look more like prey than a dog really.
I was just wondering if there were any people here that have had toy breeds before and how they handled the Big Scary World full of Big Dogs?





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My small dogs, coming in at 22 and 25 pounds, are not what one could call Toy. But I am very protective of them with regard to larger dogs. Basically I don't allow larger dogs to meet or interact with them until/unless I can see that their owner is managing them carefully and correctly and that the larger dogs are showing nothing but friendliness, and even then I keep my eye on the body language and never take my eyes off them because things can change in a heartbeat.  Just as with any dog of ay size it is very important for the dog to know that you as owner or handler have his or her back at all times and will protect. I think in the case of such a small dog as you are talking about, and especially since this is not your dog,  I would simply scoop the dog up and carry if approaching a larger dog I did not know.

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure if that was the right approach. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you should never pick up a small dog around other dogs (might have been more than ten years ago), but that doesn’t feel right.
She is already quite insecure and I really don’t want to make that worse. Picking her up seems to help and we have been watching Big Scary Dogs from a safe distance. 
She has no trouble standing up to Molly though :P 

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