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Hi guys! 
I’ve read this forum a lot in the past years but now I have decided to be active in it. So I’m Maude, I live in Quebec City and I own 2 border collies (Pixelle nearly 13 yo and Sköll 3yo) and a Schipperke. I’m also active in the rescue world, I’ve been a foster home for the past 12 years for many breeds, but mainly herding breeds. I’m also the person in charge about the medical part of Blitz Rescue  (I’m a vet tech). I also trained my dogs in agility and herding. Plus a bit of fitness and obedience. 

This is my current BC group 

( Sköll, Millow the foster and Pixelle my old one) 




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Welcome! Nice looking bunch you’ve got there :wub: 

I didn’t know they had Schipperkes in Canada. Silly, why wouldn’t they? I’m from the Netherlands and they are quite rare here. They are on my list of potential future dog breeds to get (although border collie is still number one).

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