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Puppy barking and whining during training

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I've been reading this forum a lot but first time posting :) Super happy to meet everyone. I have a 15 week puppy and i'm teaching him a few tricks like sit, shake, roll over etc. He is really smart and fast to learn. The problem is, it seems like he whines and barks when I give the command. It feels like he is annoyed that I'm asking him to do things instead of giving the treats right away. 

I 've tried various things like stopping the training session, doing really short ones and using low value treats. But he is just so food motivated, everything is a high value treat for him - even his kibbles. 

When I stop the session and walk away, he follows me and when I give him the command again, he slightly whines but does what I ask. Is this because he is a puppy?

Here is Taani!



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Oh. My. Goodness. Taani is unutterably cute! I am a complete sucker for a tri-colour...

I do not have any real suggestions other than to maybe try using some other reward than food, if training with food is too high value.  Will praise and pats be enough? Or a quick play with a toy?

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What a cute puppy!  :wub: I wouldn't worry about the whining right now, as it will probably pass. He's still just a baby at this point. Keep the sessions very short ...like two minutes...and do them a few times a day, and make sure you are not pushing him too hard to learn too fast. This often happens with border collies because they are so clever and fast to learn. But go slowly, and remember that babyish things will fall away as he gets older.

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