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Hey all,

I am a new border collie owner, but not a first time puppy owner. My 12 week old little guy Shea is a huge ball of energy (which I expected), however he often times skips past the nap phase or refuses to stay asleep unless I remain perfectly still. I am looking for help in encouraging him to self settle, or for advice on the best way to train an off switch so he knows it is okay to get his rest before he becomes the cranky toddler monster he becomes when he skips his rest periods.

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Our lives were so much easier when we used the kennel (aka crate) for day time naps. He’s 16 weeks now and actually doesn’t always sleep during ‘nap time’ but is quite content to have his time in the kennel. It’s in the kitchen so he can watch us or dose, whatever floats his boat. He’s always had a walk and training and play before going in for a ‘rest’ which is 1-2 hours depending on how tired out he is. He has about three rest periods in there and he’s actually calmer for it. 

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3 hours ago, Baderpadordercollie said:

Have you done any crate training with him? If not, I would advise teaching him to like being in his crate, and then when it's nap time you can put him in there and not have to worry about being perfectly still. 


he takes to the crate at night immediately but he wont use it during the day to nap. Thank you all for the advice Ill try getting him in the crate in the main room during the day  for nap time.

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Give him a Kong, as suggested above. Cover the crate with a sheet or blanket so he doesn't see out. Put the crate in another room where there is no activity.

Don't go to him if he fusses in the crate. He will eventually settle down and learn that crate time is settle time.

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We love puppy photos....;)

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