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Recovery from tendon injury


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Hello all,

Couole weeks back Bob trod on something grim in the undergrowth and sliced up his front left leg - tendons, arteries, nerves all severed.

Emergency vet was incredible, operated at 1am, and managed to reattach the tendons in a single surgery. They were happy enough to not reopen for a full orthopaedic surgery. 

7 long weeks further on and we're nearly at the time to take the splint off. Apparently they would usually say 6 weeks for a tendon injury but given how active he is and the fact he's pulled his bandages off a lot it was better to leave the splint a full 8 weeks.

Does anyone have any experience as to what recovery looks like from here? Vet has said to take it slow with 2 weeks rest after the splint off then short leaded walks. I don't know much about how it goes from there though - how much is too much or what sorts of exercise should be avoided for a long time?

Any help or shared experiences would be really helpful, thank you.

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Yeah, follow whatever the vet says and err on the side of caution. These dogs can be so active and accident prone that it would be easy for one to overdo it and undo all the progress that's been made. 

It's not easy to keep a young (IIRC he's youngish?) border collie on restricted activity, but it can be done. You just have to grit your teeth and be firm. I saved a young border collie from having to have back surgery for a herniated disk by keeping him confined and on restricted activity for several months while it healed. It was worth it in the long run.

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Yep he's 15 months old, he's been a dream whilst on crate rest apart from finding new and inventive ways to rip his bandages off or crack the splints. Reintroducing walks is going to be tough though, he's always been quite independent and fond of exploring, i think having to walk slowly on the lead is going to frustrate him a lot.

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