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Did I commit a faux pas?

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We are leaving for vacation fairly soon so I've been looking into boarding the boys. Normally we board with our vet but we are looking for more human interaction, play time type of experience. Plus our vet is rather expensive so we are trying to be less expensive.


A friend of mine always boards their dogs at one kennel and she loves them so I decided to send them an email to check on availability. They sent an email back immediately stating they had space and asked for all pertinent information. I responded with all the info they requested and I stated that we would like to see their facility before we commit to them.


It's been almost a week and we haven't heard back. So my question is, was I wrong in asking to see the facility? Maybe I should have asked about that in my original email but I was thinking about availability first. I'm guessing that I ticked them off and it's time to look for another option.

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Well, I wouldn't say you committed any faux pas, but I might give them one more chance before you write them off. It should be fine with any boarding facility to let you come visit the facility before you leave your dog there. But their lack of response might just be that they got busy and your e-mail slipped to the bottom of the e-mail pile or some other fairly innocuous explanation. Sure, it's not ideal if they don't respond to potential customers right away, but let s/he who has not carelessly let an e-mail message go unanswered cast the first keyboard. Especially if you have a friend who recommends that kennel, I'd try contacting them again, maybe by phone this time.

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^^ This!


If they are avoiding you (e.g. if another email request or phone call also goes unanswered) then I'd definitely find that cause for concern. But one missed reply could have a very reasonable cause.


And no, it's not an unreasonable request at all. They should expect people to want to see the facility before they commit and be prepared for that.


Hope it works out.

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I would never leave my dog at any kennel without seeing the facility first. I can't see how you could be wrong in any way for asking this. Like Hooper said, you might want to give them another chance, but I agree with you 100% on insisting on seeing the place ahead of time.

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