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Border Collie in Agility with Glasses

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Hey All!!

I came across this in passing on Facebook recently, and it reminded me of the passionate debates we used to have here about Early Takeoff Syndrome!! (Good times!! :) )

I thought some of you might find this interesting! I certainly did!!

This video is somewhat long, but it captured my interest enough to watch all the way though. It is very well put-together.

The difference in the dog's jumping style before and after correction of his vision is striking!!


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Thank you for posting this! I can only imagine the frustration for both the handler and dog before being diagnosed and having his vision corrected with glasses. It was absolutely heartwarming to see his confidence and competence greatly improved afterward! I am now wondering if LASIK surgery might be the ultimate solution!

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I know Knox and Yannick, they come and give us a seminar once a year, and I got to see him run in a competition wearing his glasses. This was early on and it was taking him a while to get used to wearing them. But is was really obvious that his vision changed with them on, sitting on the sidelines with him not wearing them, he was his only focused on his toy, once he had them on he started looking around and watching the other dogs.


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