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Damn dogs are always learning!

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Dear Doggers,

Both guard dogs are ten as is Fly. Jake -my trial dog - is eight and I seriously thought about giving him to a handler who could do something with him but he's happy as a housedog and Anne wants to keep him. That leaves only Prez who probably couldnt' live anywhere he couldn't climb the mountain and howl.


He'll be Anne's problem not mine.


I never made dog plans for when I couldn't walk fifty feet but here we be. When I went on oxygen 24/7 the dogs avoided the plastic air tubes but they figured it our and now I get brought up short because some damn dog is standing on my air supply.


They learn all the time - not alway what we want them to.



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thinking of you, sheepdogging geezer.



Here is my trial report.

First trial in two years with my work dogs. four years for trout.

Jake - right hand, cattle/sheep- gathers my mt. my Sweep/taw

Trout- His sister, same as Jake

Spock- hill dog, sheep. Had an accident that made him afraid of people. Taw/Dewi Tweed

And Gunner the Kelpie. Colt/Squid from K. Watkinson


others had not trialed, just the work



So the trial had a clinic first on Sat with norm. Then the trial on sun. Judged by Ron F. Now norm knows trout and jake so I took Spock and Gunner in the clinic. Gunner was his happy go lucky self. Worked on simple things. Tho at home Gunner is doing normal work for a 5 year old ranch dog. Tho Gunner is just 2 yrs. But needed help on OR and his IF. Spock of course from his accident at airport is very suspicious of anyone. So for him it was just lifting off people. Norm really liked him. Spock didn't work for a long time after airport accident but slowly came back to hill work.

At the trial jake was first of my dogs in open. And I had a moment or two confusion whether to whistle through my teeth or fingers or what during his run. I made an error in the OR when set out had a flock escape into forest next to trial field. Should have waited, but I sent him and realized jake was going to get the flock that escaped. I redirected him which caused a crossover. However he listened well, stopped good and did a good drive for him. Hell he hasn't trialed for 2 yrs and this was his second open run. Spock ran pro Nov next and crossed over at my feet when he saw what side set out was on. But I let him go as this is practice. He did very well. However did not pen. That was his first trial run. Then trout ran. Oh trout, working old hill bitch I should have trialed you. Trout hasn't trialed in 4 yrs. Her scores on OR L F were really good and her drive, man the stuff of dreams. However her inside flank commands are not there as good as you need so I retired rather than force. Then Gunner ran ranch, he had a very nice OR L F got a bit pushy on fetch and then confused on drive. So I retired him . Spock then ran ranch and it was very nice. I let him choose his side to outrun and it was great he got second. I had a great time, so nice to see all my friends. And I feel so lucky to be part of such a supportive and kindly group. "Live long and prosper!"

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Good to hear from you, Donald. Ray's off this coming weekend to a new trial in Idaho where I'm sure kindness and camaraderie will abound. It's a wonderful community we belong to, and I'm glad you're in it.



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