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Success With Stockdogs Workshops for Livestock Producers


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Wish you could see stockdogs in action? Ever wonder if a stockdog would be a good addition to your operation? Do you have a dog but wish you could communicate better and accomplish chores easier? Need someone to not only train the dog but train you as well…This is your opportunity


The Success with Stockdogs workshops will include demonstrations of dogs helping with chores – watching gates, gathering stock, moving stock off of feed bunks, loading trailers…There will be demonstrations of the training process using young dogs that are just beginning on stock to fully trained dogs used daily. Discussion will help you see where the dogs are right and wrong so you can spot where your dogs need help. Then we will demonstrate techniques to correct the places that are wrong. Lastly those of you with dogs can choose to work with the clinician and your dog learning new skills and improving your skill set.


COST - 70.00 daily fee to work dogs with the clinician and 30.00 for auditing

SARE is covering the majority of costs.


DATES - Three Day Workshop held NOV 14, 15, 16, 2017

tentative spring dates April 6, 7, 8 2018


LOCATION - Switzerland CO Indiana


More info Denice Rackley at www.clearfieldstockdogs.com


Clearfield Stockdogs facebook page/ Success with Stockdogs group page denice.r@lycos.com


These workshops are specifically designed to help producers learn about stockdogs - if you sell working dogs to farmers/ranchers or know of those who would benefit from this opportunity please inform them.

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