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Some info on Nexgard

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Just talked to my vet. He said they have been using Nexgard to treat both demodex and scarcoptic mange with good results.

The product hadn't been tested for mange but it turns out it works.

Just thought I would pass it on.

Also Frontline has a new flea and tick medicine out. FRONTLINE GOLD. it has 3 products in it to fight fleas and flea infestations and ticks and lice. It combines fipronil, (S)-methoprene and pyriproxyfen.

Has anyone heard how well this works?


I read several reviews comparing Frontline Plus with K9 Advantix II and the K9 Advantix II scored slightly higher. It actually repels mosquitos and other insects so they don't have to bite to be killed. But it is a combination of imidacloprid and pemethrin. And you have to be really careful with it if you have cats. You have to keep cats away for at least 24 hours after treatment. Pemethrin is lethal to cats.

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This is what my vet gave us for our puppy and it has works great. I am careful to check him carefully after we are out in long grass or the woods as a precaution more for us now that he is treated for them.

One dose a month and he is protected. I have found a few dead tics so I know it is working.


He eats the medication without any issues at all.


It's a terrible year for tics in most areas that have them.

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In Australia, we mainly have a problem with ticks on the east coast, but there are a couple of types, one of which is a paralysis tick, which can quickly cause paralysis and death. No Lyme disease officially (there is a lot of dispute about it at the moment).

I don't live in the tick danger area, but I use Nexgard for fleas, after Frontline Plus stopped working. All my boys think it is a treat and come back looking for a second. I have had no flea problems since starting. One of my dogs has a delicate stomach due to a poisoning episode when he was a puppy, and he can get some diarrhoea afterwards, but only a day of it. The others have no problems.

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It's good to hear that Nexgard actually works. My five-year old has some immune system issues, and I talked about flea/tick prevention with her dermatologist (yeah, she has one; I don't!) recently. She recommended Nexgard, Bravecto (about which I've heard some not-so-good things - but then, we always hear the bad stuff, right?), or the Seresto collar. We don't generally have pest problems like this where I live, but travels may take us where they are.


I also recently saw an add for a little "tag" like gadget called SonicGuard - supposedly emits an ultrasonic pulses harmless to mammals, but repels fleas and ticks. Not cheap (around $40). And sounds a bit too good to be true. But I wonder if it would work where fleas and ticks are NOT a huge problem. Has anyone tried this?



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