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Back legs are restless

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So I have an 8 week old Border Collie, he's been through a lot for his first 8 weeks of life.

When we took him from these horrid breeders he was battling hundreds of ticks and fleas, an eye infection and now his back legs are growing weak.


I am wondering if this is normal?

We took him outside and he was walking, running, enjoying life but now he's so restless and can't stand on all four.


It started with a limp in his left front leg and now his front legs are fine but his back legs are weak.


Is this a case of something serious or is he just sore from playing and running so much?

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I would go to a vet ASAP and also check every inch of the dog for ticks.



This link is about a dog that was going to be put down due to sudden failing health, then they found a tick. It was tick paralysis.

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