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Nipping at my legs

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Now I was trying to look up in previous posts about Nipping and pups trying to herd their moms and dads. But I just got frustrated and quite. so I will go the easy route.




she circles me then nips me from behind, and I am guessing that this is her trying to "herd" me in some sort of way. outside I can control it because she is on a leash. but there is no way i am going to leash her inside all the time.


my legs... my poor legs.. and I don't know what to do to stop it. I have never had to deal with this before! I am trying to take back the control but I just don't know how. she is SO willing to please. until she wants to "play" which involves my legs!!


how do I correct this Behavior? before I go crazy!

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Both of my girls did this.


When they started to nip at my feet or legs I would stop and say NOOOOOO in a very low voice. There were times I only got a few steps and they would do it again but again I would stop and repeat NOOOOOO. It didn't take long at all before the nipping stopped.

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LOL so I tried taping her paws when she went to nipp at me LOL. she took it as a game and a challange... :rolleyes: and nipped even more.


so she is just getting a firm NO! and much praise when she leaves my feet and legs alone

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There are a number of ways people advocate dealing with this type of situation. Many youngsters will "grow out" of this habit but it shouldn't be allowed to occur or continue.


Some will suggest that you stop still when she does this and take away the movement that excites her (that's why tapping her paws might just get her more excited). This method can take lots of time and patience and I sure wouldn't be successful with it.


Others advocate the "ouch!" reaction which will set back some pups, but which may excite others. She's probably beyond responding to this because she's well into a bad habit at this point and she's probably been ignoring your reactions for some time.


I am no expert but my suggestion would be that when she goes for your legs (and you'll have to be pro-active by watching for this and being ready to respond as she's thinking about doing it or making her approach, not after she's done it), I would first try a verbal correction ("uh-uh" or "ouch" or "no" or a growl - but keep your tone of voice low and "menacing" to warn her off, not high-pitched and exciting).


If she doesn't respond by stopping, a physical correction that is appropriate and fair may then be needed. For my pup, it was to take his scruff with my hand. Then I would either give a gentle shake while verbally letting him "know" the behavior was unacceptable ("level 1"), or holding him by the scruff and lifting so his forepaws come off the floor ("level 2")and giving the verbal correction.


The important thing in doing this is that as long as the pup is resisting the correction, you don't stop it making it. When the pup submits to the correction (relaxes, doesn't resist by wriggling, becomes submissive, etc.), you release the pup gently. If she repeats the undesired behavior, repeat the verbal and physical corrections.


We have some folks on the boards with great understanding of dogs and I hope someone better qualified than myself will contribute. Please let us know how it's going.


Best wishes!

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thank you that is very good advice, I will let you know what happens and how she responds

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