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EDO, EIC, epilepsy


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I wanted to ask about possible genetic links among these diseases. Two of my pups had epilepsy (both the same parents) and one more has EOD. Two other pups have EIC and they have the same father as pups with epilepsy and a mother related to the mother of pups with epilepsy. There are other cases not so obvious and requiring in-depth pedigree analysis that would indicate some genetic connection.


Is it possible that these disease are somehow linked, share some genes or something?

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My young girl has BCC (EID) and her sire has EOD.


I have not been able to get her BAER tested yet. For now, it is assumed that she hears just fine and we just hope it stays that way as she is only 2. Her sire does not have BCC. My dog's mother does not have it either. I don't know either if there is any known link or even suspicion of it being linked.

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