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Looks like you are in Northeastern New York if Mapblast is correct, not too far from Vermont. There is alot of agility up in that area. I suggest that you go to the following website www.cleanrun.com and then click on the Agility schools and centers it will help you find any clubs in your area.

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Hey Jess - there is a great site that lists most of the events in the various states - - www.dogeventsonline.com - - this is where I do all my registering for events in my area - - on the left you will see a search by state - - you might need to register......there look to be quite a few in the NY area .......




As a kid I lived outside of Scotia (Schenectady area - dad was a GE engineer) - - I loved it there - other than all the snow - - you live in a gorgeous part of the country!! I learned to water ski on Lake George and we had many a great weekend up @ Lake Champlain - - I traded for western WA with bigger mountains and we have to drive to the snow!LOL!!


Good Luck on your search!


Maggie, Tess and Roz

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Jess, my mom retired to Lake Placid, moved to Lake Saranac (which I adore) and is now in a rest home in Keene. As you know you're in winter olympic territory. It ocurred to me that if you don't end up doing 'only' agility you might consider sledding and x-c skiing with Syd in the winter. If I remember there's a remarkable young lady on these boards that is a bit of an expert. Does anyone remember who or when?

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