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what age can a puppy have the rabies vaccine

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What is the age that a puppy can have the rabies vaccine in the US? A friend of mine is bringing a puppy from the US and cant have the puppy for another month as they have been told that the pup cant have the jab until it is 16 weeks. (then there is the 3 week wait for it to be valid)

Rabies has been standardized in Europe to pups getting their vaccine at 12 weeks and able to travel at 15 weeks, which was when he was hoping to get the pup.



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Thanks for the info. The puppy is in Florida staying with a friend of theirs and she could not find a vet who would do the rabies jab any younger than 16 weeks, so I was curious as to what was the norm. EU wide law is currently puppies can be vaccinated at 12 weeks, with a 3 week wait, then their passport is valid, same applies to older dogs, 3 weeks after rabies travel documents are valid. What is weird is you can import a young puppy into the US just seems to be a problem exporting!

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I suspect they were just trying to standardize the rules between the countries, until a couple of years ago each country had its own rules regarding the age of puppies. Most people only run into an issue if they fly as the airlines are really strict on the rules. I have driven to and from Spain a number of times to the UK and the older dog has been to france, spain and italy and the only time his passport has been looked at is at the ferry port going to the UK on the way out they don't even ask if you have a passport.

My friends issues stem from the fact that person looking after the puppy could not find a vet willing to do the rabies injection before 16 weeks so he now has to wait till she 19 weeks to get her.

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