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Blind dog working sheep

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This dog is 9 years old now I think. He went blind last year. Progressive Retinal Atrophy. The mother and father both must have carried a recessive gene. Both were OK and had no eye problems. Of course this dog was trained before he went blind so he can do what he does now. There are five basic commands. When you watch consider me as the center of a clock. He references off of me to know where to go. He also uses his nose and hearing to lock onto the sheep.



1: stop
2: go straight in the direction of the sheep
3: a circle in clockwise direction
4: a circle in counter clockwise direction
5: quit working and come to me

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I read the text underneath the vid:


This is my dog Craig. He is 9 years old now I think. He went 100% blind about 1 year ago. It is hard on him when he hears me out working the other dogs so sometimes I take him to the sheep. He seems to enjoy working. Between his ears, nose and my commands he does pretty good. It is really a shame because he is the best Border Collie I have ever owned in my life.


I know how you feel and I feel for you. It's good he can work some, I know it is very important for him.

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