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Ideas for making a miserable teething puppy feel a little better.

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Fen has started teething and he is obviously not a happy puppy, he is not chewing anything, he is just sort of moping around and wants cuddles.

I have to be careful about what he eats as he has a sensitive stomach, so frozen yoghurt and such I can't give him.

Does anyone have any ideas that might help feel a little more comfortable.

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Similar to what Maralynn suggested, I used a toy I found at the pet store that was bone-shaped, made of a canvas type of material and stuffed with ??. It was designed to be soaked in water (or diluted broth) and then frozen. The only issue was that as it thawed, water would be left on the floor so I put it in a crate or let him chew it outdoors.

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Hi Alligande,


Are you sure there are no other health issues?

For my boy when he was teething I used clove oil on his gums which numbs the pain, yet he would chew anything that was still.

I simply dropped some of the oil on my fingers and rubbed the gums.

I also gently massaged the masseter muscles and jawline outside the mouth which helps stimulate the blood flow.

If they are really red try sitting his head on an ice pack .


Hope your pup picks up.

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We went to the vets and got some pain killers, he took them for 5 days which got us over the bad time and he is back to being himself. Our vet was concerned as that something else might be going on as well as it was so unusual, but he is a very serious little dog and just wasn't handling the discomfort well.

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