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Specs for Homemade Agility Equip?

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What is the best source or web site to get specs for building my own "backyard" agility equipment?

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Thanks, I will check them out..

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For all of my homemade stuff (jumps, teeter, dogwalk, aframe, weave poles, table, and chute) I went to the organazation home page to find the specs. If you are going to make some mini stuff (I did) you can take those sizes and just scale them down - it will still give you the proportions that you need.


NADAC's stuff


USDAA's stuff


AKC's stuff (pdf file)


If you want some other org. go to the home page and usually under "rules and regulations" they will have equipment specs.

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Hey JoeAnne...


there's a do-it-yourself agility group on Yahoo...




they have lots of "how-to's" in the file section...


hope that helps...


edited to add.... NOOOO... that site is NO indication that I'm moving back to the agility world... I have created a PVC jungle in the side pasture for my dear wife and her zoom-zoom dawgs, tho.



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As many here might recall, last year I built a fairly full set of agility equipment - teeter, jumps, tire jump, plank, weave poles - and Sparc uses them (multiple times) every day - still.


(from last May)


Nearly everything has broken at least once - I used 1/2" and 3/4" PVC for various things, and I can't actually think of a piece of equipment that has not been repaired a few times. WInter winds are quite severe here, but Sparc uses his agility stuff year round of course.


I'm just suggesting that if you use PVC - and I think it is the way to go for lots of parts - use 3/4 or 1" PVC - it may look like too much, but really, over time you'll need it. (As I recall, 1/2" and 3/4" was suggested)

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a lot of people sell agility equip they made on ebay. many times you can read their descriptions to get an idea of what you want to make yours out of. they will list what sizes of pvc etc to use. just search for agiliy on ebay.

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Hi Dog Lady,




I'm guessing you mean the sequence shot - the camera shoots at 8.5 frames a second - I clicked for a catch - then I assembled all the photos as layers in PhotoShop - aligned them, and then used a common background, and used the jumping sparc from each layer.


That was the VERY short a simple explanation - I have been doing that sort of sequence for a while, and I can get into way too much detail - I'm hoping that will get you started..


Don't want to really hi-jack this thread

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