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  1. If you are going to bring up the past, then go to the 4th page, post #72, she is a beautiful dog, just not suited for our family. I walk her, take her for bike rides, she swims whenever she see's water, we go out lots, and yes she is an inside dog as has been for 99% of the time I've had her. Border Collie's are just so active and she's not for us, Period.
  2. If you are going to bring up the past, then go to the 4th page, post #72, she is a beautiful dog, just not suited for our family. I walk her, take her for bike rides, she swims whenever she see's water, we go out lots, and yes she is an inside dog as has been for 99% of the time I've had her. Border Collie's are just so active and she's not for us, Period.
  3. I have loved my 3 year old BC for over a year, but still find her difficult. I have managed to train her in a few areas, but feel she really needs ' work' to do. Does any one have sheep that she could learn to round up? She has been around sheep before but doesn't really ' know' what she is doing but I'm sure she would pick it up. She is such a lovely girl, great around other dogs and children, just don't feel she is right for us. We are in Boise, Idaho.
  4. So sorry to hear of your loss. Lance will have left his friend with lots of good advise for ways to love you just as he did.
  5. Four years ago, a neighbor kindly minded my then eight month baby, while i went to a kindergarten intro. I came back to find my son had been bitten by her dog, his face looked awful. My son was holding grapes and you know how young babes are, he was holding them out and the dog wanted one and as my son went to eat the grape the dog also tried to get the grape, hence his face being bitten. This dog was some little yappy thing, and she also had two very big dogs, outside, all of which are 'vegetarians', and were given grapes as treats. I am forwarding this article to her, although she has given her dogs grapes for years.
  6. You know, I am seriously thinking of getting some shoes for my older dog. We now have wooden floors, but she just can't keep up, she keeps skidding and slipping over, that certainly isn't good for the old hips!
  7. Sadly, my dog was born without a nose She doesn't always get the balls in the day time, and as for bringing them to my hand, no chance - so much for the smarter breed!
  8. It is still dark in the mornings, and still dark early in the evenings, and Sophie is not content with just walking, but we have lost lots of balls. Surely someone knows of a ball that lights up when it is bounced, or something similar? I've thought this for years, do you know of any?
  9. I give my dogs a pureed veg side dish, with carrots, cucumber, and celery, and they both eat it, but if, by any chance, a lump of carrot gets into their food they won't eat it????
  10. Lunar, Love the animal 'card', way to go! Sophie, Lucy and I wish you all the very best Christmas time. And thank you all for your love and support.
  11. I took Sophie out this morning, and after a run about, I got back into my car and drove off down the quiet road we were in. As expected, Sophie ran after me, I then turned round and she ran after me again, and then I had Sophie (BC) and Lucy (16yr GS) get back in the car, at least she got some good running in. I used to do that with Lucy when she was younger. When we close to my moms, I would let her out of the car, and she would run behind the car, again on a quiet to dead road. Muy mom didn't like me doing that, but no harm done.
  12. My Sophie has recently learnt to ring a Christmas bell that I have hooked over the patio door handle, for that purpose. Good, ah? Yet my 16yr GS, when she 'needs' to go out, she has to go, now! and sometimes lately I haven't seen her need, or woken up in time, not nice.
  13. After a nice walk with the kids and the dogs, on the way home my 16yr GS was walking like a crab, I let her rest a bit and she does walk a tad sideways due to bad hips. I even tried to carry her some of the way but apart from her being heavy, she didn't appear to want me to carry her. It was a slow walk back but once home I noticed the carpet and lino in the kitchen had blood traces on them. Must have just happened, as we never saw this on the side walk. I checked out Lucy, and her pads on the dragging side were bleeding, I feel so bad! She has never done that before, perhaps it is time to take shorter walks. Any advice?
  14. You put that if the dog only stays with you for another 5 years that at least they could be happy ones, I am with you there. My dog is 16 years old and we have a BC who is 'supposed' to be her companion, except the BC doesn't play with her, and believe me, I know my dog, and the olde girl wants to play. They seemed to get along well at meeting so I thought it'd all be good, and they don't fight, Lucy may growl now and again, if she thinks the BC jumping up at the boys might hurt them, but they get along okay, if Sophie ignoring old Lucy is considered okay!! And I truely do think that even with the ignoring that Lucy is enjoying having Sophie to chase after to growl at! YOu know your pet the best, but I'd say - go for it!!
  15. Thanks for that. I enjoyed seeing the pics of the 'thin' dogs, and think Sophie fits right in there.
  16. My 16 yr GS is a thin dog, but the vet says she is fine, and it's certainly better for her not to have lots to carry at her age, and she runs still, little bits
  17. How thin should the dog be? My Sophie, 2 1/2yr is thin, you can feel her ribs, but not see them. If you pass her any food, she doesn't snap it out your hand, but she does eat her food extremely fast, should I give her some more, do you think?
  18. Here's ours. Me: "Ready? Go!" (as I throw the ball) Sophie: Runs after it and returns it half way Me: "Sophie, fetch" Sophie: Runs around it to show me where the ball is, but won't pick it up Me: "Sophie, fetch" Sophie: goes to ball and picks it up and brings it an inch closer Me: throws ball again Sophie: Hang on, the dog next door is running the fence, I'm off!! Oh well, it keeps her fit!!
  19. Sophie has a big pink patch just above her black nose, does that count?
  20. My step brother has a little terrier who has gone blind , so they have leashed it onto another terrier that they have given the same name to. When the deaf one is called, or maybe the newer dog, they both come, like it or not.
  21. Do not attatch your dog leash to another dog! OOps, I did. Thought it'd be fun for Sophie, BC, to take Lucy (16yr GS) for a walk, they looked so cute, Lucy tries to keep up with Sophie, so what was the problem, uh oh! Sophie loves the water and went straight for it, down the drop to it, we were shouting to Sophie who just wanted to get wet, while poor Lucy was rolling down the drop. After her quick dip Sophie comes out and tries to drag Lucy with her, we got there to help with this bit. Lucy seemed fine and it was still kind of funny, but I won't do that again!!!
  22. Barb S.- I'm with you. My BC pulls badly, but when she is wearing the prong collar, she walks nicely. I wish she'd walk better with just a 'regular' collar, and one day off leash all together, but for now we are happy with the prong.
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