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Spaying working dog

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I have never neutered a dog I trialled. Breeding is always part of the game. If a dog is prospective champion in all respects, why neuter it until you establish that it is not up to par. It would be impossible to tell when it was six months old. I would wait and see what sort of dog it became before I jumped the gun.

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I have removed a number of responses from people other than Amanda, who is the current Expert responding to questions in the "Ask an Expert" thread.


I have pondered ways to better get across to new members that the "Ask an Expert" forum is for questions about training, working and trailing livestock-herding dogs, and only for questions directed to our "resident expert." If you want general responses from many members, or responses to questions that are not about stock dog training, using and trailing, your question should be posted in another forum, not this one.


I understand there are going to be misposted questions from people not familiar with the Boards from time to time (although the OP's question was perfectly proper for this forum). It does surprise me, however, when many longtime members jump in to answer and discuss questions posted in this forum. Do you feel that we should not have a forum for working stockdog-related inquiries directed at a single expert? I would be glad to hear from you all on this question, but please post your responses and/or discussion in the "Wishes and Suggestions" forum (at the very bottom of the index page), rather than here. :) Thanks.



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