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  1. I have a six month old pup and she is showing great promise of herding. Does spaying alter the behavior in any bad way? I have an appointment for surgery on Tuesday and I'm having mixed emotions.
  2. I have a question on house training. I am using a bell on my door and my puppy knows to hit it when she has to do her business. But now she's ringing it as soon as she gets back in because she wants back out. How can I teach her to ring it for just going out to do her business?
  3. She went outside, then came back in her crate and it was about an hour that she soiled, and she did the same one time yesterday morning. She isn't crated that often as we don't rely on that a lot because of the breed. My other bc I newspaper trained and she turned out perfect in that regard, well she was perfect in all areas! So will Elko, she's smart, she'll get it! Her crate is a medium size one, just big enough for her to stand and stretch. She uses it to sleep as she enjoys it but she is never crated with door closed for very long, maybe two hour and a half at a time.
  4. We also just played in the kitchen and she immediately soiled the floor, I had no time to take her out.
  5. I've been crating her and unfortunately she urinated in it after only an hour. Had this happened to anyone else? She totally gets the idea to do her business outside as when we go out she does it right away.
  6. I am having problems as well. My puppy basically stays in my kitchen and is crated a lot of the time. When I leave she has the run of the kitchen as I can't leave her crated for many hours. How do I teach her not to go on the kitchen floor anymore? I've allowed it for a month now as I got her at 8 weeks and of course you cannot leave a puppy crated for many hours. Thanks!
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