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  1. I like to incorporate it into play. Just fooling around with him or her. When they are lying down, say the word, so the pup associates it with lying down, as he is doing it. I tried snacks once. It worked. But Border Collies are smart and it got so she would run over to the fridge and lie down, hoping I would then produce the piece of cheese from the fridge. Amanda
  2. Hi guest Smogette I am not a pro on this but I would give him as mush excercise as makes him happy. Sheep Dog questions I can answer. Amanda
  3. Stacey posting this to another forum will be helpful I'm a sheep dog hand. yours Amanda
  4. Don't allow it. A quick clip under the jaw will help him bite his own tongue and cut it out.
  5. Put him on long line and make him walk quietly behind the sheep. He should lie down on command on the long line and you can slowly loosen him off it. Let him drag it. Nosheep abuse allowed.
  6. Someone should send me alerts to there being questions on this list. I look for a while and nothing and then I stop looking. I, of course, am unfamiliar with the precedents to your driving. I see a lot of dog starting that is left and right, breaking through the sheep, with new dynamics for what is balance, between dog and hand all the time--rather than letting the dog settle in behind and learn to make a good line while in the infantile stages of gathering. Once dogs get the hang of holding a line in a gather, not much of a stretch is involved, in doing it while driving, These early gath
  7. I can't get a rise out of anyone on this subject. Just because I don't like wide running dogs, doesn't mean they are unsuitable for another who wants time to make up their mind about what to do next. The wide runner will afford that--time to decide what to do next. It might be you who wants such a dog, although it may not suit me.
  8. I can't run dogs running too wide. In my experience, that is a problem that escalates as they get older. It starts with a reaction to pressure early on and develops into a go to behavior when dogs do not want to face the music--an easy out. Precision required of top runs is nearly impossible with such a dog, as they will take swings at moments of grave inconvenience and hemorrhage points for sloppy turns, or worse stay out of the park when you are trying to shed; or what about a criminal cast off when shovelling them in the pen is demanded. How can a wide one inspire confidence on big unfe
  9. Since no one has a question, I have advice A notion that training will be done at a fixed time, has been drawn to my attention. "I will train my dogs at 6:00 pm." It doesn't work that way. The current severe heat in the east changes our opportunities to train. Six in the morning is the best window, when it is coolest. our job as trainers is to optimize conditions for a young dog. No way can they think well enough to learn if they get too hot, not to mention the damage you might do health wise, for the long run. We go for the coolest part of the day, when our canine partners can remain
  10. Sorry, but it's been ages since anyone has asked a question. I had one of these dogs that flew off like a wild indian around a wagon train. I couldn't wait to sell it. What can such a dog be thinking?? No balance, or grasp of for what it is getting behind the sheep. No concept of ansering to the presence of a handler. Why? I once saw a clinic Dalziel had where he put a line on a dog and stopped it, with the line. I suppose this might be an instance where that would be useful. I have always thought the requirement of the line was annoying at best. I like a dog that thinks more constr
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