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Tessa on a Roll!!

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I haven't shared any video of Tessa recently, so I thought I would share this run from this past Saturday. This was just lovely!!

This was a CPE Colors run. For those who don't know, in Colors there are two short courses that are intertwined and you have to choose one and your dog has to stay on it!



This was Tessa's 7th Level 5 Colors Q! We need 15 for her Colors Championship, so we are going for that.


She is also now just 15 Q's away from her C-ATCH! I am ridiculously excited, but mostly just having a blast with my girl. I'm hoping we will finish that up sometime in the fall. We only need: 2 Standard, 1 Fullhouse, 3 Wildcard, 5 Snooker, and 4 Jackpot. But the Jackpot Q's will likely take a while to finish since our Q rate in traditional Jackpots is about 50%, and we don't always hit non-traditionals. We will get there, though! :)

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In the spirit of "figuring out" . . . you all might enjoy this. There is a really ugly piece of handling in it, but I was improvising on the fly . . .


This was our Snooker run.


I have provided captions on the video that explain what went wrong (small-ish handling error on my part) and then what I had to do to be able to stay in the game!!

And yes, even after all this, Snooker is still my favorite game!!


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Oh my goodness, well done! I'm awful at thinking on my toes, just watching you have to sort through it is stressful. I wish there were more agility videos with captions, for someone just getting into the agility world it's so so helpful to have someone explain what's going on for once.

P.S. I love that little bounce in her step. She looks so happy to be there.

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