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Helping finding first dog - southern California

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Hi, I haven't posted before, but I've been lurking the boards for a while and reading a lot. I'm wanting to get a border collie, but unsure if I should adopt a purebred or mix, get a pup, get a started dog, or even look at another breed. I was wondering if y'all had some advice.


I live in San Diego in a city house most of the year and then on a cattle ranch in Wyoming for several months in the summer, where I first worked and lived with border collies. I'd like to have a dog that's a running and hiking companion here first, and then a dog who can do some work driving cows, getting them out of the bushes, etc. in Wyoming. It might be fun to do some herding recreation in California if that's possible too. My city schedule is such that I'm home all day several days of the week, work a couple afternoons some days, and work some evenings others. I'm concerned that my routine varies somewhat and I know dogs are creatures of habit. Though, I also live with a couple housemates, one of whom wants to take care of the dog too.


What would y'all recommend? Do any of you live in the area or know of people who do who I should contact?

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Others will chime in with more answers, but don't worry about your varied schedule. I work for myself, and schedule varies from no work to working 10 hr days, with everything in between. As long as I provide stability in the form of the dog always gets a morning ball game and a good walk every afternoon, along with some trick training and nosework, he's good.


I do have a dog walker who is able 90% of the time to accommodate very last minute requests, (and will feed him if I ask) and I take him to a dog park daily for ball chasing, very early in the morning, when no one else is there.


The habits that you need to 'install' are that your dog can expect to be fed, exercised, have his brain worked, and have a reasonable amount of companionship overall. The schedule of it can vary quite a bit, as long as it all gets done. I can also say that when I've been laid low by the flu or such, the dog just keeps an eye on me. When I'm up and about, he is too, but he doesn't bug me if I need to stay in bed for a few days.


Congrats! When you get your dog, you'll need to post pix - we are picture crazy on this board.


Ruth and Gibbs

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Finding a dog that can (1) be an active companion in San Diego and (2) work cattle in Wyoming will be interesting! Part (1) is a bit more straightforward than part (2). There is a sheep dog trial in Poway February 26-27, and you could come, meet people, and put out the word that you're looking for a dog. Rescue is a great option. There aren't a lot of border collies in rescue in San Diego. However, Western Border Collie Rescue (which got its start as Wyoming Border Collie Rescue) is a great organization and usually has a lot of really nice dogs. I personally know several volunteers, including the founder, and I have great respect for them. You could start up a communication with them, and when you are in Wyoming, you'd be able to meet in person. They set up a booth at several of the big sheep dog trials, including Soldier Hollow and Meeker, as well as the Finals when they are held in Colorado.


Here is their link:




Here's a link to the sheep dog trial schedule:




Feel free to send me a personal message.

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