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A dog with heart

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The handling is terrible, but the dog's work ethic is spectacular in this short video from the FCI World Championships (it's a wmv file).


This clip is provided by Agility in Motion. You can see more here. Of all the FCI WC videos I've seen, the ones from Agility in Motion are the highest quality.

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Originally posted by Barb Scott:

So how slippery was the flooring?

Barb S

My friend was competing there in the Mini division, and she said the problem that the big dogs had wasn't that the flooring was slippery (though it was) but that the floor was kind of spring-loaded, so they really couldn't get their feet under them when they were turning at a high rate of speed. While what that dog did was very gutsy, I cringe at what his front end withstood to make that jump approach. Ouch!
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That's funny, I JUST watched that yesterday during my checking-of-favorite-sites rounds!


That is one determind dog. Even though, yes, the handling was bad, man, that dog knows what to do on a course!

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