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"The Dog Master" by Bruce Cameron


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Has anyone read this? It just came out in August.


I saw it on my FB feed, then went to Amazon to see reviews. I realized then that I had read another Cameron Book, "A Dog's Purpose" which I felt lukewarm about. The book was OK, but I wasn't blown away as other reviewers reported.


The new book is also getting rave reviews, but wanted to hear from "real" dog people what they thought of the book.


Thanks in advance.

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I read A Dog's Purpose, and was underwhelmed. Didn't see the awesomeness a lot of readers seemed to. It left me less than lukewarm. I felt that a lot of easy, perhaps cheap, sentiment was expressed. Not much insight into the human canine bond and difficulties therein.


Kind of Hallmark writing. Won't bother with this second one, there are too many other great books that call!


Ruth and Gibbs

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