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Hi All,


Just thought I would take a moment to introduce myself, along with the dog in my life


Guess I should start by saying my name is Stuart, and this is Jess.




I have had her since she was 12 weeks old, and she is currently just shy of a year old, Safe to say that is most definitely been a learning curve for both of us. Since first finding this site I have found it a great source of advice, and I am sure I will be asking many questions if I can't find what I am looking for.


Currently my biggest issue is her tendancy to either chase or lunge at cars, and most things I have either read or been told about to redirect her either works only a couple of times, or not at all.


I look forward to spending time here and hopefully benifitting for the experience of the members here.

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Jess is quite an eye-catcher. Beautiful.


Regarding lunging at cars (moving objects): Yes, redirection can help. LAT can help. Regardless of the method used, the main thing to remember is that you have to start the training at a distance where the dog is aware of the object (moving car), but doesn't loose its mind and stop listening to you (i.e. going over threshold). For some dogs, that might be 40 or 50 feet, and for others, you might have to be at a distance of 200 feet or more before they will listen to you enough that you can start training them.

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Welcome to the Boards.


Jess is a beautiful girl, and lucky to have an owner who cares enough to work with her. Totally agree that distance is key to this, along with repetition (lots of repetition) and patience. ;) If you haven't already, look into Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed. Most people find the puppy edition to be more detailed.


You can also find pretty comprehensive instructions for LAT (Look at That) here if you search the archives.


Best wishes.

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Many thanks for the nice welcome and the advice regarding cars, Now i would appreciate some advice with her barking at virtually all other dogs, now when I first got her when we came across another dog while out walking, she would lie down and wait for them to come to her, so much so I used to get compliments on how well trained she was to do that. Although to be fair it was just something that she did on her own, and now every since she went into season for the first time, she barks her head off and really pulls to get to the other dog. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.

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