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It's been a busy morning, here at Casa de Border Collie. I've been at the computer, housecleaning, etc. So I'm at the kitchen sink, with my back to the living room. I hear various sounds of dog toys being flung in the air, generic dog rolling around on the floor noises. I ignore them.


When I finished the dishes, I turned around to grab a kitchen towel. And there was my boy, in the big fat middle of the toys that he'd gathered, reclining, but very alert. Tail wagging, eyes bright with anticipation.


Had to laugh, but he was doomed to temporary disappointment. Poor thing - I hope he makes it through the day.


Ruth and SuperManipulatorGibbs

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this post needs a photo!


Um, excuse me, but weren't you the one who was complaining about a dog that would not fetch? If so, you have one now!

Dr. Frankenstein: "I've created a monster!" :D

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