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Training Border Collies for bird control work

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Just to note- the search function will often bring back 'no results found', and if you wait about twenty seconds and try again often the results will come up the next time.


I'm still getting no search results on that subject. Can anyone share their stories of training border collies in this way? Mine is about 20 months old. She has had a start in livestock and is very well trained and socialized. Thanks!

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I know this question comes up a lot here and I don't think anyone active who posts here does this professionally. But just from the little I know... You'll need to treat this as a business and get a dba or llc, insurance, advertise (website) and or start making connections with places that may need your services.


My friends Dad was actually the maintenance guy for a big country club here. They allowed him to buy a fully trained goose dog and learn to use him for their needs on the property. So that is something to consider- are there places by you that need this service?


The kennel this collie came from was in VA if I remember correctly. May want to use google to make contact with those who do this already or train dogs for it and see if they will answer your questions. They may offer clinics or seminars for learning as well.

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I just used only the word "goose" and got this: http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1


That should give you somewhere to begin. ;)

Hmmm. I clicked on the link you posted, and got a search PAGE. Is that what came up for you?


I know the search function here is a little wonky sometimes. Some people have success by Googling the words or phrase they want - which then offers links to threads here on the Boards. Sort of a backdoor approach.


Another thing I learned from previous threads on this same topic: IIRC, you will have to get a federal or state license to use goose control dogs as a business because the geese are federally protected.

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