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I'm sorry, but I'm not encouraged or uplifted by this. By encouraging this dog to run and jump on 3 legs, she is being set up for more problems. Early and painful arthritis in her right shoulder, fractures of the small bones in her front right foot, basically all kinds of joint problems that will seriously affect her quality of life. And at a much younger age.


Her human obviously loves her, but has not thought about the well-being of his dog in the long term. If she injures her right shoulder, elbow or foot, she could be crippled beyond repair.


At first glance it might seem wonderful and impressive, but it's not good for the dog.


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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I'm with Ruth. The forelegs bear 60% of the dog's weight and the entire weight and impact when landing a jump.


Many animals can do reasonably well losing a hind leg and leading a "normal" life but loss of a front leg and a performance sport is likely a recipe for early soundness issues, pain, and breakdown.


The stresses associated with disc dogs are even more likely to result in injury to the joints and spine, compounding the issue.

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