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Eating Gravel?

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I am asking about this for my GF, whose dog is eating gravel. The dog is not a border collie, but a beautiful Rhodesian ridgeback who is ultra sweet and is an excellently well behaved dog, but has since puppyhood chosen to eat the sharp-edged mine tailings gravel that is in her yard. She was broken of the habit once by being muzzled whenever she was outdoors, but now at the age of 18 months she is back at it.

It's a source of great worry, as it is our fear that the gravel could cause her significant harm, and at the least it makes her feel bad and sluggish when she has a stomach full of it. I have seen her poop out 6 to 10 pieces at a time, each piece the size of a blueberry but not as round and smooth.


Anyone ever had a dog eat gravel? Anyone know of a way to stop it? Does it indicate a mineral deficiency? Taking out all the gravel is not an option - it's over an acre of it that she paid a lot of money to put in years ago.

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Ah. I Googled "Pika" and came up with a really cute furry little mammal. However, I then googled "pica disease" and came up with lots of info. A vet visit is definitely in order. Thanks. If anyone else has had direct experience with it I would like to hear your experience.

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