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Duke Attacked Another Dog Today.

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Okay, this is so embarrassing, bewildering and disappointing.

A flat bed pickup rolls in our yard just before supper tonight. On the back was an ancient, decrepit border collie mix. I know, dogs shouldn't ride in flat beds or the back of any pick for that matter. Mine don't but this is huge ranching country and anytime you're out on the road you're bound to see at least one BC or other dog riding that style.

Anyway, when I saw it, I commented aside to my brother, "Hope that dog doesn't jump off the pickup and attack Duke." (Other family was outside waiting for this fellow so Duke was out too.)

When the pickup disappeared behind the house, I went to the back door and peeked out. I saw one of my other brothers pulling Duke off the back of the pickup by his tail. I just assumed he'd jumped on to say hello, but called him to me as obviously he shouldn't be jumping on other people's pickups. Thankfully, he had a very solid recall and came to me and I put him in the garage until they left.

The boys came in and, long story short, told me that Duke had jumped on the pickup, barking and growling, and grabbed the other dog by the neck, and was evidently thrashing it.

This dog was so old he barely moved at all, and indeed, did nothing to provoke Duke to do this except ride onto the property with his owner.

Although, admittedly, he doesn't get out much, he has gotten along well with all dogs we've met. He was at the beach in July off leash and no problems with dogs. And when he's come to town with me, (I recently got my licence and take him when possible) he's been fine with the occasional dog we've met.

Do you think this was purely territory guarding? What should I go about doing now?

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That, and it was an old dog (something about really old dogs triggers younger dogs to attack) and in an elevated position (threatening, dominant).


Definitely something to work on with other dogs coming on the property.

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Don't think it is really a territory thing... Neighbor's dogs were over here yesterday WANTING to fight with him and he just played around. They ARE our neighbors dogs but I'm quite sure he has never been closer than 100 yards from them-never sniffed or interacted with them as they are almost never let out of the house unattended...

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