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Hi guys. I could really use you guys' advice on my BC's behavior. I have had her for over a year now (she's 4 yrs old and my Aussie is 3.5 yrs old). My Aussie will go crazy when she sees other dogs (and is not allowed to play with them) and my BC will correct her by nipping her in the face. I figured this was just her correcting my other dog. I took them to a dog park last night, and my BC kept running beside my Aussie and biting her face. She seemed to not be letting the Aussie play with any other dogs, which she really wanted to do. My boyfriend and I would tell her no and pull her out of play for a minute or two, but she would go right back to biting her in the face. Side note, they play extremely well together at home and she doesn't act this away at home.


Is this normal BC behavior? Is she trying to herd her or what? Any way to keep her from biting my other dog in the face at the dog park?



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It sounds like your Border Collie is over stimulated by the environment and taking out the energy/frustration on your Aussie. Many times Border Collies do not do well in a dog park environment and it sounds like it's just too much for yours. Truth be told, I really don't like dog parks as I think bad stuff can happen really quick due to other ignorant/disengaged owners and the shifting pack dynamics.

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Yeah I don't usually do dog parks because I am worried about fights breaking out. I decided to try this one because it is known as one of the better ones in the area.


I tried telling her no and she was not listening at all to me. Very unusual because normally she comes when called and listens in public.


Thanks for the responses guys. I knew people on this forum would know what the problem was ;)

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