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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! So i have quite a huge trouble with biting behaviour. My puppy is really ultra energetic(even for border collie) and AS soon AS I get her out of her room, shes starting playing which consist of 99% biting my legs and feet really really hard with her sharp teeth and that hurts a lot. Yelling with pitch voice, telling her to not to that, trying to get her attention with toys doesnt work at all, and i really dont know how can I trach her that is wrong behaviour. I can not igonre it aswell because id start bleeding in 5 mins and She thinks we just have a good fun. What should I do?
  2. Hello I am having some negative and unsettling experiences with my 6 months old (neutered) BC male, and I was hoping you guys might have some insight.. This is my second BC, a spirited male from strong herding lines. He’s mostly very well behaved and very sweet. Obedient, a quick learner and has great focus during training. So far we have mostly been doing obedience and some scent work. I got him at 8 weeks, and he learned quickly that play biting had to be gentle, and the play biting on people was phased out entirely somewhere between 1-2 months ago. He still gets to play and bite on appropriate things, but doesn’t mouth me (or other humans) anymore. The main issue that we have been working on is that he has a strong urge to chase cars. I have gotten help from a professional dog trainer, and he has been getting so much better. It is all positive, training focus and contact with toys and treats. I have been sitting down with him, holding him gently and praising and rewarding when he looks at me instead of the passing cars, while gently holding him back/preventing him from running after the cars. He used to bark and lunge at the cars, ignoring everything else around him, but now he is so much calmer and usually sits calmly and looks at me again a few seconds after the car has passed (or doesn’t even look at them if I have a toy out). He has improved so much, however today a car was passing on a road we have walked quite a lot on (and we have had many cars pass us here). And so I was sitting with him, just petting him a little and kept a hand on his collar just in case as the car passed. But suddenly he started pulling, growled, started pulling towards the car and bit my arm when I held him back. Not just a nip, but a proper bite. He’s never bit me this hard before ever, his teeth broke the skin even through a thick woolen sweater. My arm is swollen and turning blue. I was caught entirely off guard, and for the first time he has actually scared me a little. I am quite shaken, and even though he is still just a puppy, I worry something might be wrong. About 6 weeks ago, I discovered a very odd behavior in him as well. Everytime we cross a road, I would have him sit next to me, tell him “over the road” before we cross the road. It was never a problem, and I cannot recall any situations where he seemed scared or agitated while doing this. But one day it was like something just clicked.. I was walking him and I had him sit before a crossing and when I said “over the road” he just started screaming. It sounded like I was torturing him. And then he started growling and lunged at my legs. I had never seen him behave like that (it didn’t seem like playing at all). And since then, any time I say “over the road”, no matter where we are, he would freak out entirely - growling, screaming and attacking me. Whether we were by the road, in the garden, in the kitchen or the bedroom.. Even if I said it quietly and calmly, while petting him or when he was relaxing. So my trainer told me to just not say those words again, and just drop it. And he hasn’t had any episodes like that again since. Crossing the road was also not a problem at all as long as I didn’t utter those words. I just find the behavior to be very strange, and paired with what happened today, I find myself a bit concerned for his mental state.. I suppose I’m just hoping someone can tell me that this is all normal puppy stuff and that it will pass, and maybe hear from someone who has seen similar behaviors in their dogs who can reassure me a little? I apologize for the long and messy post, but I could really use some help. I offer up this photo of the cute lil goblin in exchange for advice
  3. Hi everyone - really need some advice regarding my 10 month old border collie pup! Apologies as this will be long but I want to include as much detail. we’ve had Roo since he was 8 weeks old and we got him from a family (his parents are working dogs) Roo is extremely clever and quick to learn. He knows many tricks and commands and will do them 99% of the time with no issue. he has always been very sociable, seems to love everyone and everything! Unfortunately in the past month, there have been 4 instances where he has attacked me (3 times) and his dog walker (once) the first time was when we went away to a dog friendly hotel. He didnt seem to like the fact he could smell/hear people in the corridor so began barking loudly (had never previously done this anywhere), his tail was up and puffy and his eyes big & black. I made the mistake of coming off the bed to comfort him, as i went towards him he attacked me (punctured arm, drew blood and very bruised) i was so shocked i didn’t react. I just went into the bathroom where my partner was and had a cry. After 10 minutes we both came out, completely ignored Roo and went out for dinner. Upon our return Roo was back to normal, very happy to see us etc so we didn’t punish him. The second instance was on a walk with my partner - he had walked on ahead and Roo was struggling very hard to get to him, I’m the one who walks Roo the most so I was trying to get him to listen to me with treats etc, as he wouldn’t, I stepped infront of him to get his attention, Roo bit my leg and arm, again drawing blood. This time I did shout (wobbled due to shock, upset) and carried on walking, when we got to my partner he took Roo off me (this caused Roo to lunge at him angrily) my partner pulled him away by the scruff and walked home without me (to give us time apart) the 3rd time, i was home alone with Roo and was sat between him and the front door (please note - since first attack Roo has started barking at the door but we ignore this habit and that seems to work) i was setting up a treat puzzle game when Roo suddenly went for me (barking, puffy tail, big black eyes, lock jaw) thankfully he only got my jumper. I stayed very quiet until he let go and then moved myself back a bit (i was a bit cornered so didnt want to stand up quickly) Roo just went to lie down a few feet away with his back to me. The 4th time, we were on a walk with his walker, her dog and another dog. As we got to the park I put Roo on his long line, he seemed very eager to get into the park so I let him go (checked no one was there first) and he beelined for a tennis ball (Roo isn’t really allowed tennis balls as he literally destroys and eats them and gets very angry possessive with them) i managed to remove the ball by bribing with treats, after a few minutes Roo was sat between me and dog walker (seemed happy, tail wagging) as she was putting a harness on him, as she was adjusting the straps he went for her (same reaction - puffy tail, black eyes, lock jaw) luckily he only got her jumper but it was very shocking. It took about 10 minutes for him to seem back to normal (we didn’t punish, we simply ignored him behaviour and put him on a short leash for remainder of the walk) as we went back to van after he bit the walker, he went for one of the dogs and unfortunately came away with a puncture in his neck (healing now) i know dogs don’t bite for no reason but i’m at a total loss. He doesn’t seem to give me any warnings (i always try my best to read his body language) i’ve seen a behaviourist who has told us to muzzle train him, limit my physical contact with him and avoid conflict situations (let him have all his toys, don’t go near him at meal times etc) Roo is honestly so loving & friendly most the time, that this has been a really big shock for me. He does seem quite submissive (he will drop and army crawl towards dogs to greet them), he rolls on his back a lot etc but never has he been violent before. please if anyone can offer any advise, i’d really appreciate it
  4. I just found this website and I wish I had found it so much sooner. I want to delve in and read all the posts but I have a serious problem and I need help stat. About 2 years ago my family (my mom, dad, sister, and me) adopted a 1 1/2 year old male short-haired smooth-coat collie (who we named Tucker). He was stray when he was found with no chip or collar. He was picked up 5 counties away from where my family lives so we don't know anything about his history. When we picked him up at the shelter, he didn't even have a name let alone answer to it. We worked with a trainer (Mark Frederick, if anyone is familiar with him) and I was the one (due to my schedule) who took over training. We also have a female white GSD of the same age (named Dakota) so 2 herding dogs in one house requires A LOT of walks and A LOT of training. Until I got a steady job, we were fine because I was able to devote so much time and attention to walking, training, and playing. Once I got a steady job the training decreased and while Dakota needed extra walks to balance out the lack of training, Tucker started lashing out (for lack of a better term) by biting friends and family. He's mainly bitten people in the butt so there's no broken skin but there's a deep bruise and it hurts for days. The most severe incident was with my sister. When I lived at home, he would sleep on my bed with me. She was in my room and handing me a charging cable when Tucker, who was lying on the bed next to me, out of nowhere jumped up and bit her in the face/upper lip area. I've noticed a slight trend of biting in the nose area? I don't know, and can't say, if he was aiming for the nose or just her face in general, but he practically bit off half of her upper lip. She was rushed to the ER and required almost 20 stitches. Blessedly, he had just received his shots and was given a clean bill of health so there was no severe danger of infection but she did have to say it was a dog bite for antibiotics just in case. I know he's on thin ice so I was working with him as much as I could but within the last 7 months, my sister and I moved out on our own and our parents moved about an hour away so for 7 months he hasn't had a real training regimen let alone a walking schedule. My mom does what she can in terms of walks but my dad...he doesn't discipline properly so I don't trust him to train. I don't like how he handles anything with the dogs but that's a completely different issue. Yesterday my aunt and uncle were visiting my parents and Tucker struck again--he bit my uncle in the butt and tore his jeans. I wasn't in the room so I didn't see what happened. We had double-dosed his anxiety meds (with vet permission) but he still struck. Now I have to deal with the decision of putting him down, which pretty much all my family is on board with. He's bitten my mom in the butt and my sister in the face, two family friends 3 times, and now my uncle for a total of 6 bites, 1 severe. I feel like he's paying the price because my parents (especially my dad) aren't willing to put in the work of giving Tucker the physical and mental exercise he needs. Am I biased? Am I reading this entire situation wrong? Is there an option I'm not thinking of? I don't want to put my familial relationships on the line because of a dog, but I feel as if there are other avenues we can take. We can't afford another bite and my mom and sister have said they don't feel entirely comfortable in the house with him. Literally other than this, he's the sweetest boy possible. We've had him for 2 years and this pattern started about 10 months ago. We can't figure out the trigger so we can't predict when he'll snap. This is a picture I took of both dogs as they were getting ready for a hiking trip I took them on. It's the only one on my computer at the moment. I'm rambling now but any help with this would be much appreciated. I will answer any additional questions if you have any. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, long time lurker here, this is my first post and I'm after some advice if possible! As an intro: Willow is a six month old female sable merle and one feisty lady! Since we got her at 8 weeks life has been a whirlwind, and it hasn't all been plain sailing; poor thing has had a UTI, conjunctivitis in her eyes, she's been one nippy madam since about 10 weeks and we cannot for the life of us get her to keep all her paws on the floor when we're in the house (she's constantly jumping up, either on us, guests, kitchen work surface, sofa, tables etc). On the plus side, she's super easy to train, highly intelligent, has been housetrained since about 11 weeks old, loves fetch, catching her ball and doing tricks. She's not remotely treat driven though, isn't very affectionate and although I took that quite personally to start with, from doing some reading on here I've seen that it can take a fair few months for BCs to become a bit more affectionate and that it may not even happen! She also pulls a LOT on the lead, which we're trying to correct in our obedience classes and we also have a gencon lead that we use with her intermittently to see if we can try to calm her pulling a bit that way (along with praise and pieces of chicken/sausage). Up until about 2 weeks ago she loved her crate. Would happily get into it when asked and would settle quite well. However, we're realising now that we have a puppy who will not settle in the evenings, no matter how tired she is, she wants to be around us constantly and if we put her in her upstairs crate (so that we can eat tea for example) she's taken to barking the house down for half an hour plus.. Same routine as she's always had, she goes in with a handful of treats, a peanut butter filled kong and sometimes even a chew if she's been particularly good! We try to keep play after 9pm to a minimum, no tuggy toys or things with squeakers, just knuckles and pigs ears for chewing, and prior to that in the evenings we usually take her out for a 20-30 min walk and chuck a ball for her in a park near our house for 10/15 mins. We're trying very very hard to keep exercise to a minimum as we don't want to wreck her joints at such a young age. We do a bit of 'brain training' when we get back, work on her tricks and whatnot but back at home she goes from lovely to BITEY in MINUTES. It's very hard to know what to do with her at that point. We tell her no, she snaps and bares her teeth at us, or she seems very happy on the sofa with a pigs ear for about 20 mins and then she's bored and goes back to coming to us and biting us again.. This is where I'm a bit lost.. If we play with her too much, she'll come to need/require the playtime, right? She should have alone time, to play by herself and keep herself entertained? We have an open plan downstairs, with her crate in the kitchen area and a playpen around it.. But when we put her in her playpen now she just wants out. She jumps and jumps and jumps and barks and no amount of toys or treats will get her to calm down, she just wants to be with us. If we let her out (after telling her 'settle' and waiting for her to calm down) she just goes straight to biting us and wanting to play (and therefore ends up back in her pen). In the nicest possible way... when I'm eating my tea I'm not going to stop what I'm doing to play, Willow! So then she goes upstairs to her crate out of the way and goes mad barking in there.. Us being right in front of her whilst she's in her playpen is probably the issue, but we don't have a separate room to stash her in, we only have the upstairs room and to be honest with you, I don't want to have a dog that we have to shut away when we're eating, I just want her to stop jumping up and biting us whilst we're eating, I want her to be able to settle herself nicely. Am I asking too much? It's hard to know if my expectations are too high or if we're teaching her bad habits inadvertently. Hopefully I have explained this properly, although I may have waffled a bit. If anyone has any suggestions or tips of how we can handle this I'd be so grateful, she's going to be a cracking dog, she's just so hyper at the minute. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi there, I'm a first time BC owner, and unfortunately, I am among those dummies that adopted a BC without first doing in-depth research about the breed and perhaps started out with my puppy all wrong. I know more about these dogs now and am doing great with the majority of his obedience training, I am very precise with him and he's gotten "sit", "down", "go get it", and it in the process of learning "leave it". Unfortunately, I have had NO success in reducing his play biting, which has worsened to severe biting every time I hold him or touch him. I have never used any sort of negative enforcement with him, but he acts as if hands are the devil/and are far better than his toys. I've tried the majority of corrections, I mistakenly tried the puppy "yelp" for two days before discovering that this breed usually gets more excited with things like that. I have tried removing him from play and putting him in his crate when he bites, I have tried removing myself from his playpen when he bites me and turning my back until he calms down. He simply goes nuts and barks and yips. We are capable of exercising him daily, we have a nearby trail and dog park, and he is still a young puppy, 2 months old, sonwe do tire him successfully, but the biting continues. I am socializing him bit by bit, nothing. My hands are cut up pretty badly. I would LOVE some advice for this. We love him dearly and simply want to be able to pet him and handle him without bleeding. Thank you for your time. I have attached a week old photo of him being held by my mother. No biting back then.
  7. Training has become very frustrating because my dog has a "hard mouth." I have made great progress with my rescue BC Winnie (5 yrs old) in training positively (thx to all the suggestions here!) However, after 3 months I am no further along in getting her to take treats "softly". With a very calm environment, indoors, she will take low value stuff like processed dog treats (Zukes, Pupperoni) with little or no tooth on hand. I also feed her by hand and she is able to use a soft mouth on kibble. As the environment becomes more interesting (outdoors) and higher value treats (hot dog, chicken) she escalates to almost breaking the skin. I have tried offering palm only, but there is still way too much tooth. Tried offering closed hand and opening only if feeling no tooth. Again, she escalates to almost-bite as treats get higher value. Tried practicing "lick" with stuff like Kong treat filler and baby food. When doing something that requires rapid treat delivery in position, like teaching "moving watch me" or "heel", the bites just get harder. She has not broken skin yet, but often leaves a red mark at least once per training session. She still needs lot of counter conditioning to stop car chasing, which as often as possible I WANT to use very high value treats. But it is so frustrating on some days, I just give up and stop the training. Also by letting her continually "rehearse" the bad behavior, I feel like I am contributing to the problem and just making it more hard wired in her brain. She always get a good dose of outdoor exercise BEFORE we do any training for the day. Usually only 2 training sessions of no more than 15 minutes, separated in am and pm. So if the treats or environment are too arousing, I don't think its due to lack of exercise in general... Thanks for any and all suggestions!
  8. My 2.5 yr old chocolate boy has BCC. We live 3 mins away from the beach and have 3/4 of the year in tropical climates. Due to the BCC during most months the only way to run my boy off leash is in and out of the water, even in winter I have to be by a tap. That's the health background, the trauma started after Elwood's 4 th dog attack (all at our beach, all by tourists dogs) the full contact attacks were all by Staffys and pit bulls so flesh was broken yet no stitches required. Some of these attacks I also was bitten. Our last episode was being chased by 2 x leashed bull mastiffs that dragged their owner 200m thru our local park trying to get both of us. What I have done so far to help my boy. Before the attacks. Spent the first 4 weeks with him 24/7 , crated from the first night ...not an issue. Restricted space during puppy training. Clicker training from 9 weeks, sit, stay, wait, leave it, ongoing training to this day. Obedience From day 1 he has been a biter and I tried every "technique I read, watched or suggested by the first trainer we tried....nothing stopped him nipping my fingers or chewing stuff. He gets bones, an tellers, Kong,and other chew toys when earned. I started off reading The Dog Whisperers Raising good dogs I think it was called, by Caesar Milan before we got Elwood. Used all his techniques and I instinctively stopped as I saw he was building resentment in me. I switched to VICTORIA Stillwells puppy book and tried positive training, which I preferred and incorporated the clicker early on after reading Don't Shoot the dog. Karen Pryor. Elwood started to bond again, Phew!....doing exceptionally well. Very sociable with other dogs, very much a boysterous dog than dominant. Very well behaved and then I taught him to fetch the ball when I broke my foot and everything has been unravelling ever since, or so it seems. After the attacks. Meditate daily to keep my energy calm when seeing these breeds. Tried the processors of 4 x different trainers. Read and practiced Emma Parsons click to calm. Mostly use cooked steak or other high value treat on every walk whenever a dog approaches with clicker. On the beach off leash, I use the ball to keep his focus away from other dogs, as he will give a warning snap, then if it's a puppy or other untrained dog that pushes the envelope, he will attack. This method works, yet I have to use a muzzle when the beach is busy and want to learn how to heal my boys trauma. The above is a brief overview I'm relaxed and happy when we are out morning and afternoons. I work as a massage therapist or I'm in my shed wood working, both situations Elwood is at my side. We don't have any separation anxiety issues, yet he seems anxious Whenever he is interacting on a personal level for eg being petted, yawning and scratching. He refuses to get up on the sofa or sleep on the bed always preferring his crate or be under the bed to sleep. Ears go back and head down when my husband or I gently chat to him. Most of the time he is a chilled out fella who is content doing his own thing or being near by. He has a very high prey drive with bits of bark, ball , stick, leaf or whatever is close by. I realise he needs a job to do so we go to agility once a week, shepherding for city dogs whenever the trainer is not on trials. Lately Elwood seems to even get anxious when I begin a game or trick training session. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW I CAN CHANGE A PIC SIZE ON IPAD 2 please let me know so I can upload a pic.
  9. Hello, I'm new to posting here though I have been around before to browse general information. I am writing today because I have a 1 year old male Border Collie named Scout. He very large for a Border, standing at my shoulder level when he is on his hind legs (I am 5'8). He is intact, though he has an appointment to be neutered at the end of this week. We were told to wait until he was about a year old for the surgery in relationship to his leg bone growth. We have owned him since he was 12 weeks old, purchased from a breeder. We have 3 other dogs: 13 year old pom/chia mix, 10 year old black lab, 5 year old fox terrier, whom Scout has known since he arrived in our home. He started fighting some with the 13 year old when he was about 7-8 months old, just a lot of mouthing and growling no matter how ugly is actually looked. The older dog used to be the most dominant one in the house regardless of the fact that she was the smallest. We assumed the fighting between them was because the female would get into Scout's face and growl at him for no apparent reason and he just was old enough that he'd "had enough". He hasn't fought with her in several months now, but he does lower his head and grumble at her if she gets near him when I am around. With redirection he quickly leaves the situation. In the past week he has gotten into 2 fights with the other two dogs, both of which he has had no issues with since the day we brought him home. The first could be classified as food aggression: my husband was feeding all the dogs, and instead of feeding Scout first and crating him, he had all 4 dog bowls down at the same time. Scout may have perceived that the black lab was too close to his food and he bit her on the back side of her ear, leaving a relatively good size puncture wound. This dog yelped and escaped with no fighting back or even a growl. Fast forward to last night. I was letting the dogs in from outside all at once, just as we have since January. Scout and the fox terrier are suddenly fighting in another room! When I arrived, the fox terrier was still growling and bleeding from a small puncture wound under his jaw, and the entire side of his neck was soaked with saliva. After each fight that led to blood, my husband and I cleaned up the bleeding dog and disinfected wounds and Scout acted terrified....almost as if he was doing this out of fear/anxiety instead of a dominance thing. At one moment, he went into his crate and actually growled at me...I'm guessing because I was standing over him looking down? I'm not sure because within 30 seconds he was normal with me again. I'm really at a loss of where to go with this. It almost feels like the aggression is escalating, but I can't pinpoint the source. I'm afraid because I also have a 3 year old daughter and he sometimes gives her one of the border collie stares, or even lowers his head and turns his gaze from her. Do I find a behaviorist? Do I continue with my plans to neuter or will it make the situation worse? Any help someone could give would be great. Thank you!
  10. Hi guys. I could really use you guys' advice on my BC's behavior. I have had her for over a year now (she's 4 yrs old and my Aussie is 3.5 yrs old). My Aussie will go crazy when she sees other dogs (and is not allowed to play with them) and my BC will correct her by nipping her in the face. I figured this was just her correcting my other dog. I took them to a dog park last night, and my BC kept running beside my Aussie and biting her face. She seemed to not be letting the Aussie play with any other dogs, which she really wanted to do. My boyfriend and I would tell her no and pull her out of play for a minute or two, but she would go right back to biting her in the face. Side note, they play extremely well together at home and she doesn't act this away at home. Is this normal BC behavior? Is she trying to herd her or what? Any way to keep her from biting my other dog in the face at the dog park?
  11. This Is probably a common age old problem by now regarding my 3 month old pup jack who keeps mouthing/nipping most of the time it seems to be in play but now and again say if i remove him from the couch or try to groom him with a brush he nips at my hands and snaps in the air in a rebelious way i know this is natural for pups but it seems to be getting worse with the nipping. I've read a few articles and the consensus seems to be with time outs stop play method but we have tried this now for over month and it hasn't stopped or even reduced his actions we have also tried yelping and growling noise's as a response to his actions but i think he just see's this as play as he continue's even more so. Jack is very clever and learns very quick he learns tricks on command with a reward basis in only a couple of lessons using a clicker but he seems stubborn with the mouthing sometimes it appears that he knows what he is doing is wrong but still continues this behaviour is worst in the afternoon we call it the mad hour and can only seem to confine him to his crate for his saftety as there is no stoping him as his darts around the house banging in to things. On one occasion i tapped his nose and shouted no in reaction to a harsh nip that broke my skin he looked startled then licked my hand i praised him for that and for that evening he didn't nip again i'am also worried for my 6 year old son as he nips and snaps in play i stopped my son from playing with him in the mean time until this stops Ive even taken him out on long walks and plays before the mad hour but still bounces back full of energy when we are back.
  12. I doubt this is at all uncommon but I am starting to lose options for my pups biting. Her thing is going after my pant legs. I have heard advice on both ends if the spectrum from harsh correction to lure and reward. I've tried both with limited success mainly because once she gets going she just won't stop. The more I correct or intervene the more escalated she gets. One time she bit my hand fairly hard and I reactively let out a loud "no!" while leaning at her. That got her attention and made her stop, but I don't see yelling as a long term solution. First question is: what methods are getting the most success in training out this behavior? I am not willing to be harsh with the dog but I'm not opposed to being strict. She is great on leash and doing quite well with training. Thanks!!
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