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Just curious how many upper level handlers are on the Boards and what areas you're from. Seems there's at least a few, so I was thinking it might be interesting and beneficial to talk about agility beyond the "how to get started" questions. I'm from NC, which is mainly NADAC & AKC but thankfully USDAA is growing....anyone else from the East Coast??


I'm really curious if anyone went to the USDAA Spring Festival in Myrtle Beach last year. I'm thinking of going this year and it'll be my first time on a DAM team...any advice?


-Laura & Wick

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Originally posted by rtphokie:

Just curious how many upper level handlers are on the Boards and what areas you're from.

Hi Laura,


My dogs are masters/elite dogs, I don't know about me as a handler. We trial mainly in BC (the province, not the breed) although are going to take a road trip to Washington State this summer to try our paws against some yankee dogs.


Bear has his ATChC (Veterans) in AAC, and an assortment of NADAC titles. Wicked has her ADC and Masters Jumpers in AAC, and is in Elite/Open in NADAC. We only do about 4 NADAC trials a year, since they're few and far between. We'll also do about 8 AAC trials. No need for AKC/CKC trials - we ain't got no stinkin' papers.


We are going to try USDAA this year (well, Wick is) and we're on a DAM team. It's supposed to be a lot of fun!

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I run two Masters Levels Dogs in AAC. Red Dog is Masters everything except Titling, in which he still needs another Q, and Tweed is Masters everything except for Team (or as I like to call it, DAMN TEAM!).


I also have a dog who has not yet begun competing as I am Very Afraid To Do So given her speed and, umm, interpretation of the courses.


I have never run NADAC because I can't afford to do all the trials I want to do. We may start in NADAC after RD and Tweed ATCH in AAC.



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