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A few months ago my partner and I decided we were going to get a puppy! Where to start, what breed do we want, do we want a purebred, do we want a shelter dog, what! We decided on a Border Collie after deciding we wanted as close to a second Kasha as possible. Kasha is my first baby, she's 12 years old and she's a Border Collie, Corgi mix we love her to death and he has a pretty serious heart murmur but she has been and is a great dog. So we got a pure bred border collie from a breeder who does AKC shows, herding, agility, rally, everything. We met our little boys parents they were great dogs, happy dogs well taken care of, energetic they were great! So we took this little boy that we now call Tyrael (like cereal but with a T!) home on September 11. So far he has been amazing! He's learning very fast, has manic nights and the cutest bark! My old lady isn't sure on him yet but she's slowly getting used to him as she teaches him doggy manners.

As a puppy Kasha hardly chewed on anything other than maybe a rope or a plastic bottle but Tyrael(!) this little boy will chew on anything he can put in his little mouth! Cords, bolts, metal bed frame, shoes, doggie dishes, the other dog(!), our feet, clothes, wood, I'm sure the picture is clear. We have presented him with ample toys, he has a nylabone, kong wubba, two ropes, a tennis ball on a rope, a tennis ball, a dogobie, a squishy strawberry toy, a squeaky skunk, a plushy squeaky, a piggy ear(not imported) and a bone(not cooked). He will chew on any one of those for a few moments then go for something metal or a cord again. What the heck can we do! I'm not used to all this chewing! He's driving us just a little crazy with those puppy teeth.


We have tried ice cubes, carrots, potatoes, apples, and frozen wash cloths.


Anyway, thank you in advance for suggestions!


Here is my little boy ;>


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Food dispensing toys can be great for a puppy because they work the brain, and something like that might start to teach him to chew on things that are appropriate for him. I have this orange thing for Bandit that screws together and he loves it (Twist and Treat, I think it's called). I fill it with kibbles sometimes and let him play with it just to please him. He ends up unscrewing it after he is done, and he seems to like that, as well. It's really durable, so he can chaw on it some after he has the food out and not damage it. I used to put it in his crate at bed time if he wasn't quite ready to settle down to sleep.

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Training we started with basics: sit, out, stay, come, go potty.

He's got a handle on most of that some is still nt completely down. We've started to work on paw, leave it, and crawl.

I was worried he might be bored but even when he can hardly stay standing and keep his eyes open he's chewing on something.

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