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  1. I love musher's secret! My border collie does not, my senior dog doesn't care. Border collie I have to leash him like he's going to be groomed since he's sensitive about his feet after his boarding fiasco last year. (Don't worry he gets lots of treats and praise and love during feet touching events) we put it on once a week and right after romps where their feet get really wet to prevent cracking. We use it during the summer too to protect from tears from gravel and burns from hot cement. Love the stuff! totally worth spending $25 on on amazon.
  2. My older dog has ALWAYS been enthusiastic about retrieves my younger dog (the border collie) is incredibly disinterested. he will chase my older dog when we're playing "fetch" but the most he ever does is pick up the ball, squish it, sometimes run further away with it, and then just leave it. The only thing we can get him to bring back is a rope. He is such a tug-o-war dog. LOVES it. freaking loves tug-o-war teaching drop was/still is the hardest thing. We're thinking about trying to do flyball with him but he just doesn't like balls.
  3. So, back in October for whatever reason I couldn't post anything... it just kept giving me an error. Now in February Tyrael is doing much better. He only growls for attention when he gives me morning snuggles in bed and I start falling asleep again. When I come home I ignore both of them until after I give my human companion attention (he was getting jealous too lol) Tyrael sits until I give Kasha a hug and then I get a puppy tackle. Puppy push ups didn't work he did one "rep" and then looked at us like we were stupid. He sits and waits patiently now though. He's getting better ^o^
  4. He is crate trained. He gets defensive about his crate lately. I can't figure out what his story is right now. He goes in willingly and lays down but when we close the door he snaps at the closure. We've been treating and giving bones in his box again. Never bug him inside that's his safe space where he is allowed to go to be alone if needed. He also entertains himself a lot during the day or so I'm told. Most days I work im gone 7-12 hours, boyfriend is home all day. I love the idea of puppy push ups! Going to try that when I get home today! Tyrael is also a year and 4 months so I'm wonde
  5. So we have some really weird behavior happening. Usually when I get home from work Tyrael rushes the door and sits for attention like we trained him. No more jumping on us when we walk in anymore. Yay. But I always acknowledge and give attention to my older dog first. We try to get Tyrael to sit and wait his turn but he gets super pushy, shoving his way in, pushing the other dog out of the way, pushing her over and then the weird weird part, growling at me and shoving his face in my face or under my hands and sometimes a little snapping to get attention. He's super demanding and I'm at such a
  6. We do intervene with him sniffing our old girl but we also let her defend herself so he can learn the doggy body language and clues on when to get back. It's not like she's snapping or growling at them every day. We decided to go this route with training because my boyfriends parents beagle never learned that stuff from other dogs so she's got terrible manners with other dogs. We've had to break up many fights between her and our old girl. (Kasha will just be sleeping and Sadie, the beagle, will just come over and start something.) He doesn't actually do the border collie stare which I've al
  7. Kasha isn't medicated all the time for incontience. Sorry I didn't make that clear. She's about 3 months on 9 months off. She just got off, it's like her hormones just need little reminders. She's never actually had a UTI which is fantastic because as a human female who gets them chronically I can attest to their suck factor. I'm gonna go with the hormone theory on his sniffing, my boyfriend also pointed out that kasha is a chronic roller! She loooooves to roll in the grass and get the outside stink all over her We definitely won't be going back to the facility and I've been telling pertty mu
  8. I'm not super concerned about the cgc. It's just very frustrating. He was coming along beautifully! On track to start agility training in the fall! As for an attorney, suing over this isn't really an option as there was a clause that any problems will be settled through arbitration. That right there should have been an indicator that this was not a good place! I'm feeling so frustrated by this. Blaming ourselves because in hindsight there was red flags. We had went to a makeup session with a different trainer who had never met Tyrael, she confirmed that he definitely didn't seem like
  9. I appreciate your replies. Tyrael is intact. Kasha has pretty bad arthritis and spay incontinence, which we treat, she hasn't leaked in at least 3 years. She was at the vet in January full blood work and X-rays. For 13 she's doing really well no other problems. As for the boarding place paying vet bills, I agree! We went on Friday, talked to the owner and he was a total ass. Claimed my dog, who was and still is very socialized, was highly aggressive. He rolls over as soon as someone gets in his face. But the owner said all the dogs in the play yard peed themselves before biting. To which I'm
  10. It's been a while since I've felt the need to post anything! Mr. Tyrael has been doing wonderful we're so happy with him! But! For the last few months he has been intensely sniffing our other dog. Like nose shoved in her fur all over just always in her face sniffing. Recently he's been starting to lift his leg to pee on her. She often growls at him and when he doesn't let up she lunges for him, connecting like 50% of the time. She looks so disgruntled when she comes back with tufts of hair in her mouth. Even after she lunges and snaps at him he does NOT get the clue and immediately goes back
  11. Tonight for dinner the food itself was back to normal, Both dogs usually get TotW dry kibble with about a table spoon of wet mixed in. Started as the only way we could get our senior dog to remember to eat, now it's just spoiling them a little. I had run out though and between school and work no time to get more. Now we have more! Fed Kasha as usual but kept Tyrael's bowl in the kitchen after I set hers down. He zoomed out for hers, caught him before he got it and back into the kitchen. I sat on the floor with him, covered his bowl until he was sitting nicely uncovered, he darted for it, tri
  12. Yea we have ceramic bowls. Easy to just throw in the dish machine when they get gross and no water spots. Could try putting the dish upside down over his food so he has to push it around though...
  13. Kasha is comfortable in a crate she just never really needed it. My mom was really good at potty training her. She slept in the bathroom at night. I'm 23, Kasha is 12 so when we got her the training was on my mom. Realistically Tyrael is mine and my partners first puppy that was 100% ours to train. Border Collie may not have been the best choice but we're committed now and we love him. He's so smart there's just times when it's too much. Thanks for the response on the crate! Other than stuffing his food into a kong with some water, anything else I can do to slow down eating? Concerned abou
  14. I guess we'll go back to feeding in his crate. He was really good about eating with her for about 2 weeks then it's just fallen apart. So we'll try that for a bit again. If he's over tired should I just put him in his kennel at certain points so he can nap? If I just let him be he instigates playtime with Kasha. Another question, is it counter intuitive to crate training with him that Kasha never goes in one? She was never crate trained and still doesn't need it. She's like... a dream dog.
  15. I searched the forum a bit didn't really find what I was looking for. My pup is about 4 months at this point. 90% of the time we have a wonderful time. The last 3 weeks have been rough for both of us as my partner left, not just town, the country. So I've been juggling our now two dogs, 12 year old BCxCorgi and then our BC puppy, school, work, and friends. This is the last week of this crazy schedule, goes back to normal on Sunday. Hurray! So anyway, Tyrael, my pup, wolfs down his food. He's like a vacuum, I've tried scattering it, putting it in toys, putting something in the bowl he just goe
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