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Off to a great start in Freestyle!!

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I haven't really started training Bandit for Freestyle yet - although I am about to start now! But I put him in the "Innovations" division at a competition this past weekend. "Innovations" is non-titling. You aren't judged - you basically get free time in the ring in the competition environment. On Saturday you can only take a toy in, but on Sunday they often open it up for food use since the competition is over when they have the Sunday dogs go. We were there on Saturday, so I signed Bandit up to play tug in the ring!


My intent was to show him that the ring in the competition environment is a fun place to be, and that was definitely accomplished!


Bandit chose the song that we used. There is an explanation of that in the video itself. Of course, I'm ready to break out the Tchaicovsky, but Bandit is correct - now is the time for fun puppy stuff. :) It really is a cute song for a puppy dog to play to.


So, here is Bandit's "debut" as a Freestyle dog.



We are going to do this again in November and I actually hope to have some cute tricks trained by then so we can do a little performance (still with a toy, or maybe food if I go on Sunday) at that one. I want to make two other "fish" that he will be able to interact with as props.


Hoping to start in Beginner in June, but I am not going to rush him. If he's not ready, we will keep playing in Innovations until he is. :)

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