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Dr Dodmans books?

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Hello Every one

Just read "Dogs behaving Badly" and thought there was a lot of interesting information in it and I was just wondering what the collective here thought of him and his work.... he tends to go a bit further than I would with anthropomorphism but has some really neat ideas about turning around the dog/owner realtionship and working through some of the tougher behavioural issues.... I haven't read anything my O'Connel (??? patricia...) yet but am trying to get the library to stock it!

Appreciate all of your insights


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I haven't read Dodman's books. But I have read The Other End Of The Leash by Patricia McConnell, and highly recomend it. My absolute favorite so far, though, is Bones Would Rain From The Sky by Suzanne Clothier. It goes deeply into the whole dog/human relationship, and I think that every dog owner should read it. It's wonderful.

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