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I frequently read in Terrierman's blog about the catastrophic decline in AKC registrations so I thought I'd check what was going on here in the UK.


From 2003 to 2012 there has been an overall decline in registrations of around 6.7%.


Small dog registrations have increased significantly, large dogs fallen.


Interestingly, BC registrations have increased - from 2111 to 2044! Hardly indicates that the KC version is taking over this country, and that figure will include sport and conformation bred dogs, together with dual registered ISDS/KC dogs. Agility has boomed in that period and competitors are increasingly requiring KC registered dogs so they can compete freely in Europe, but it still has made little or no impact on the number of registrations.


Admittedly the two years I have mentioned show the two lowest figures and there was a spike in 2010 at 2604, but that was 200 more than in any other year during the period. Considering the popularity of the breed here the numbers are negligible.


GSD registrations are still more than triple the number for BCs, even after a decade that has seen their number on the way to halving, but you'll see more BCs out and about amongst the population.


TBH the very small increase in BC registrations surprises me. I would have expected a bigger increase but am pleased to be wrong.

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I am assuming that does not include dogs on the activities register? From what I have learned about KC registering is that if you want to take part in sports and activities you don't need full KC registery. In the US there are limitations if you don't have full registery ie you need to be spayed/neutered. So it would be my guess there are a lot of dogs out there without registration.

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No, just the breed register comprising

Conformation bred

Some sport bred (could be originally conformation but bred away from appearance towards performance or could be a mixture including dual registered.)

Dual ISDS / KC registered


Impossible to break the numbers down into those categories though. Pity as it would be interesting.


For competition purposes in the UK, Breed or Activity registered dogs are treated exactly the same (except for Field Trials which are breed specific and require full registration). But of course the majority of collies won't be registered anywhere because they don't need to be.


(As an aside, a friend has a pedigree dog (not a collie) and she didn't like his KC name registered by the breeder so she reregistered him on the Activity Register with her choice of name. Of course that isn't allowed but who's to know since you don't have to supply breeder details when registering on the Activity Register? It makes no difference to her in terms of competition. I'm not advocating doing that of course, just demonstrating how irrelevant breed registration is here for most agility competitors here.)

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