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Aspirin for dogs

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Went through a scare the last couple of weeks with my 14 YO male. He turned very lethargic and after two very expensive trips to the vet found out he had a number of elevated Liver enzymes. After a course of antibiotics and denolsyn, his liver has returned to normal. As best the vet can figure, it was his Novox that was the culprit.


So now the Vet has recommended aspirin (300-350 mg per day) for his arthritis in place of the Novox, along with Tramadol. The vet warned me about stomach upset and/or ulcers when using aspirin in dogs and told me to keep a close eye on his stools along with watching for stomach upset.


That leads me to my question. I went and got a bottle of aspirin especially formulated for dogs with some type of coating for preventing stomach upset, but it is very expensive. I am trying to figure out a less expensive alternative. What types of aspirin would you folks here recommend?


Thank You.

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I am pretty positive if you go to your local drug store or grocery store you will be able to find Bayer aspirin that does not have the coating. I think the ones with the coating say so on the box so the regular/original Bayer aspirin does not have the coating. It's super cheap too!


ETA: I have never given aspirin to a dog but a few friends have and their vets said to avoid the aspirin with the enteric coating (I think I spelled that right).

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