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Has anyone made their own teeter or dog walk out of PVC? I'm trying to keep cost down and have made my own jumps, table, and weave poles out of PVC, an in the spring will be making a tire an broad jump. They work great.

I have seen a few DYI for them but not sure how well they would work. The teeter doesn't look that hard and the base is adjustable and I think it would be ok. I want the dog walk to be solid but I have to be able to move it also. Safety is first priority.

I would like them to be compotation height. We are going to do a lot more training this year since she is now over 2.

Thought maybe I could find someone who was upgrading or getting out of agility that wanted to get rid of their equipment but no luck so far.

Looking for input and ideas.



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I bought the PVC dog walk kit from affordable agility. I also bought the rubberizing granules and rubberized my boards. The kit was easy to assemble and the whole thing turned out great. The rubberizing was fairly simple, but I'm an art teacher, so I'm really good with gooey stuff!

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