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Hi - me again


I want my dog Ralph to be a bit more energetic, and there's one thing that puzzles me - how do i get him to jump over something with a gap in it. What I mean is if we come to a fence, I would like him to use a bit of energy jumping over it, but as there is a gap underneath he will always take the easy route (dont get me wrong I dont blame him!!!) when i tel him to jump over he sort of looks at me for a second, then goes underneath. How do i get him to resist temptation to take the easy way and get him to leap gracefully (??!!) over the obstacle?

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Agility trainers often start with the bar on the ground or only a few inches off the ground. It teaches the dog to go through the uprights, as well as responding to the verbal command. A key point in this (as opposed to fences) is that the bar is DISPLACEABLE. I'd be very leary of having a dog jump any fence where injury was possible. (Yeah, 99% of the time they'd clear it just fine, but....)



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