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Raw food question

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They're safe to eat, but I don't think they'd have an abundance of nutritional value. Prolly protein and not much else. I'd feed it if I got it free but I sure wouldn't spend money on it.


Just did a quick check:




Like tripe cleaned for human consumption, not much to recommend it. I wouldn't buy either.


Honestly, I'm on the fence about green tripe, too. Not convinced that the enzymes in it are useful for dogs. With it's being so expensive and hard to find, I don't go out of my way looking for it.

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I do feed green tripe occasionally, but there are people on both sides of the tripe issue.


I just haven't been able to find any reliable sources to back either side up.


I know there are people who feed mostly tripe, just as there are people who feed mostly chicken, or people who feed mostly bone. I just think variety is better and more meat is better than more bone. Green tripe certainly has a place in my dogs' diet, when I can find it reasonably priced.

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Green tripe is expensive here but I am able to get fresh fish easily enough, just have to go fishing. Would you descale the fish before feeding? I catch rainbow and brown trout regularly.


Trout don't have scales that you need to remove, I thought. And their fins do not have spines. I'll bet my dogs would eat one from stem to stern if given the chance. They do love the raw fish we have given in the past.

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