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Apparently there is one opening up here in Tulsa. Did a google search on them and didn't find much more than their advertising. They are advertising they have agility and some other types of dog sports. I understand they are some kind of a franchise but can find out little beyond that. Anyone have any experience with them? Thanks.

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Hi Dragoon 45 and everyone!

Saw your post regarding Zoom Room Tulsa, and just thought I would reply and introduce myself! I am Joey Gursky, and I own the Zoom Room Tulsa. We are a dog training and agility center, and this will be a super new fun place to train with your dogs. (And of course we LOVE Border Collies, because they ROCK at agility!).

We offer all levels of Obedience up to CGC, as well as all levels of agility, Agility League, Tricks classes, Treiball (Urban Herding), Scent Class, Shy Dog, 'Doggy Disco®', and lots of other fun ways to bond with your dog.

You can check us out at www.zoomroom.me/tulsa. Our Grand Opening is coming up on January 11th, and we are having $5 agility classes throughout the day, as well as a full-on people and dog party from 4-6 pm with free food and drinks from Biga Italian Restaurant, a Dog Caricature artist, a raffle for KILLER prizes, and a famous Zoom Room Doggy Disco!!

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions!


Joey Gursky, Owner

Zoom Room Tulsa


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I'm sorry, but that is not "urban herding." It bears no real relation to working livestock, because the ball doesn't DO a goldarned thing. The dog isn't thinking to compensate for its movements or behaviors and he is not learning to read or understand what the ball does. It's play. That's all.

Now that you're here, Mr. Gursky, I hope you will wish to engage in further discussion of these remarkable working dogs than simply advertising your business.


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