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Tink had a broken femur and fractured tibia. Those were both already healing by the time rescue got her. The ortho vet chose not to do surgery as it could cause more complications. We don't even notice they were broke, she does really well. The foster mom had her on dasuquin, but I think I'd like her to be on a supplement with more glucos, chondro, etc in it.

I have found a few different options. My clinic sells Sound Dog Viscosity by herbsmith. It looks pretty good. Or I've read wonderful reviews about Hylasport, I just don't know if she'd like granules.

My friend suggested Synovi G3. Then I also read reviews on Glyco-Flex.

So is anyone's BC's on joint supplements? If so what are you using?

She will be going in for a wellness on Monday. So we can ask my vet then too.

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My former vet suggested Synovi G3 - which he sold (of course).


Two rehab vets (whose opinion I value more) recommend Dasuquin. I have used this since my BC was 15-16 months old and suffered from an ileopsoas strain. (I buy it online).


My 17 year old Sheltie mix rescue is taking Glyco-Flex III - because she is old (and doing great for her age - still able to go up and down stairs, but she has to think about it first) and because she would not eat either Dasuquin or Synovi G3 (both in chewable form).


I prefer Dasuquin because of the science behind it and because of who recommended it. I don't know of any studies that have specifically compared joint supplements to each other so you will have to go with your gut and see how your dog does on the supplement. I think if you buy a quality supplement, you may not be able to tell the difference. Some owners also give human-grade supplements which can actually be cheaper than some canine supplements.

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