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Idiot neighbour caused this...

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Hi guys,


I'm having a major problem with my dog Riley. My husband let him outside along with my other dog Tess for the toilet. My neighbour mean while, decided three weeks after bonfire night to let off rockets in his garden, Riley was still doing what a dog has to do when it flew over the hedge and landed in my garden with a bang.... NOW he won't go out for the toilet at night. He won't budge from the door frame to outside. He's now pooping/peeing in the house at night. Can some one help me with this. I know its not his fault, Poor dog was beaten and abused by his last owners, he doesn't need to be adding to it.


Thank you for your time


Lynn Riley and Tess

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I went through this as well though my dog never went in the house. He did go 16 hours without peeing before I finally carried him to the car and drove him to another neighborhood just to pee. Did that for 2 days. Then his fear started to subside and we finally got back to normal. Fourth of July in my old neighborhood was a month long fireworks celebration so it was a hard summer.

For the moment I suggest carrying him to a car and driving him somewhere else so he can relieve himself. You can then try driving back near your house and getting out to walk him back towards your house and see what his reaction is. Once my dog was able to get outside a few times in other places (he definitely related the firework noise to our property since that is where he kept hearing them) he was able to slowly go outside our door without an issue. I of course rewarded him with treats and praise as well until it was business as usual. You can also try throwing something really tasty right outside there door and build up the distance.

Also have a nice talk with your neighbor and explain the situation and ask if he can give you a heads up next time he plans to shoot fireworks off.

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